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Thread: JRA Tanker

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    With the barreled action away for a look see, I turned to dressing up the stock a little this morning. Other than punching holes in paper, the only thing I will use this rifle for is chasing Zombies.
    For my sins, I was elected Zombie response squad leader. I'm sure it was due to the copious amount of beer that disappeared from my fridge at the last squad meeting lol! So it was up to me to choose
    the squad insignia, and I went with the biohazard punisher. It will be interesting to see how long that vinyl sticker lasts. I might have to cut a stencil and go with paint.


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    Got the barreled action back this morning. Looks like the op-rod and guide were swapped out. Passes the tilt test with ease. Lightning fast turnaround. 2 thumbs up for Bula customer service! Beetle Bailey's M21 is now back together and waiting for warmer weather to be shot.

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