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Thread: I Just Ordered an M&P Shield 9mm (and a Holster too)

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    I Just Ordered an M&P Shield 9mm (and a Holster too)

    My EDC for the last few years has been a Sig P229. It is kind of big, but not too big. And, it is kind of heavy, but not too heavy. Then, shortly after I got my Sig, my older son bought a Shield 9mm. I liked the feel of it in my hands, but I never got the chance to shoot it before he sold it.

    Now, fast-forward to the last few weeks. My son let me carry, and shoot, his current EDC, a Glock 43. I really liked the size and the weight of the gun on my hip. On the other hand, I didn’t really like shooting it. However, while I was at my local indoor range with his Glock, I tried out a couple of single-stacks rentals, including the Shield 9mm. That was enough to make me start checking prices.

    Last night I found one on sale on (no affiliation) for $299.00 with free shipping. Now I’m just waiting for the notice of shipment, with tracking info, to my local FFL. And, after reading several reviews, and watching a bunch of Youtube videos, I went ahead and ordered a Vedder LIghtTuck IWB holster for the gun also.

    Stay tuned for updates!
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    you will love the hide-ability of it.... you wont like the capacity.

    BUT if you move up to some of those new 150grn 9mm no recoil rounds they make for these little fella's..... you will be surprised at the amount of oomph it ads in with no muzzle flip.
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