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    Work bench

    someone asked about a small work bench for Apartment use when building guns.
    This is what I posted. Maybe some one else could use it.

    I went over to Harbor Freight and got a work bench from them. ( about 7 years ago)
    It is very sturdy
    I have put together a lot of Guns on it.
    It is made of wood and very well built. I had to put it together and it took about 25 minutes to do it.
    I paid $125 for mine on sale. (The regular price is around $160)
    I use it for my computer desk and work bench.
    I have a 6" vise on the corner. (Got it on sale for $52)
    It comes with drawers, but I never used them. I just use that area for parts storage.

    The size is 20"x60" and is 34" tall.
    I have it set up in the corner of my game room and it looks ok.
    (YEA! It does get junked up sometimes)
    The work bench is also heavy and with the parts stored under the top it doesn't move when I am installing a barrel.
    I tried a smaller work bench and it would move when installing a barrel.
    I like having space to sort parts when working on guns.

    ( It looks better than something I would build and a lot less work)
    When I work on guns/put them together I can use my computer to see how it is done.
    I use it as a computer desk when not working on guns.
    I have put together a lot of guns in the last 45+ years and know how to do it, but it help me remember things as I build. ( I am in my 70's) Make it very handy.

    Go on line and You can get a 20% off coupon to use.
    I use these when building AR's
    While your there pick up an 18" and 25" 1/2" breaker bars and a torque wrench.
    I got mine on sale for $10 each using a coupon on each one.

    It really does not take a lot of tools to build AR's.
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