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Thread: WTS: Spring Cleaning II; Various Gun Parts

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    WTS: Spring Cleaning II; Various Gun Parts

    Hello, I found some more items for various firearms. All prices are shipped... I accept discreet P/P (as a gift), check or money order...

    1.***SPF*** O.D. color AR-15 furniture set, Buttstock w/ screw, hand-guards, PG, trigger guard......$40.00

    2.***SPF (Both)*** (2ea) AR stock trigger / hammer sets....$25.00 each

    3.***SPF*** Black AR15a2 round handguard and PG....$18.00

    4.***SPF*** AR15 end plate w/ sockets for QD swivels.....$13.00

    5. Sling hook attachments for Key-Mod rail/ handguard....$ 13.00

    6.(2ea) Uncle Mike's Utility AR Slings.... $8.00

    7.***SPF*** Sur-fire Pro-comp muzzle break for 30 caliber; 5/8"-24 rh thread.....$35.00

    8. .22 cal. muzzle break, 1/2"-28 rh thread.....$18.00

    9.***SPF*** Magpul type rear b/u sight.....$15.00

    10.***SPF*** Hogue hardwood grip for Ruger New Model Blackhawk (Pau Ferro).....22.00

    11.***SPF*** AK parts including front sight adjustment tool, Muzzle thread protector, Stock screws, lower handguard clip/spring, picatinny rail for C.S.S. round handguard.....$15.00

    12. M96 Swedish Mauser mainspring and rear sight ladder.....$8.00

    13.***SPF*** Moisin Nagant parts including a set of actions screws, (10ea) stripper clips, nose cap for wooden stock, cocking piece w/ ring for easy safety engagement, scout scope mount (fastens to dovetail on barrel when rear sight assembly is removed. Secured w/ (3ea) set screws....$25.00

    IM/Email with any questions...Thanks for looking.
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