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Thread: Type 99

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckshot View Post
    Type 99 are 7.7 Jap. New production ammo is a little pricey and sometimes hard to find. I keep hoping privi partizan would start making some.
    I am with you Buckshot! Don't plan to shoot a lot but would like Prvi to make some,.....the stuff I found is $$$

    PS Beautiful looking rifle
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckshot View Post
    Type 99 are 7.7 Jap. New production ammo is a little pricey and sometimes hard to find. I keep hoping privi partizan would start making some.
    Good to know. I am not too knowledgeable about Japanese weapons. Thanks.

    Found some at Graf&Sons. PCI branded, in stock. $24.71 dealer price. Still a bit expensive though.
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    I am re-reading the book The Cactus Air Force about the air war over Guadalcanal. There are several references to infantry small arms from both sides downing low flying aircraft. One particular passage caught my attention. A Japanese recon aircraft was shot down while flying low over Henderson field after a thunderstorm closed the strip. The book said a high volume of American rifle fire downed her.
    This made me think of the 99's AA sights
    Would like to see some modern computer model tests of the 99's AA sights. How much lead did they give? What air speed where they figured at. I understood the idea was massed company sized element fire at slower flying biplane or artillery spotters.
    I wonder how effective they were in their intended role?
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    When I bought my 7.7 ammo it was $20 for 20 rounds. Might have been from Grafs. With money getting tight not too long ago, most people were buying basic ammo calibers and not much exotic stuff. Companies like Hornady cut back on providing the rarer stuff, and prices went up. Prvi stepped in on some stuff. I thought they had reasonable 7.7 (under $30 a box) but I haven't looked for a while. I like the Hornady, soft shooting. I haven't tried anyone else's version.

    Cripes! I just did a search on ammo seek. It's time to look for a used 7.7 die set.
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    Lee has a set of Pacesetter dies for this 7.7 $37 on fleabay. My pockets aren't deep enough to shoot these oddball calibers with off the shelf ammo. I realize loading is a time sink and some people can't find that time, but I feel they are missing out on half the fun of this shooting hobby.
    That's a sharp looking rifle Buck! We need a range report.

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    Some years ago PO Ackley tested a large selection of bolt rifles to destruction.
    The strongest one was an Arisaka 99.
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