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    Type 99

    Took some time today to actually check this rifle out. I had gotten it from local estate sale many years ago, family members took what they wanted, but did not
    want the rifle.

    Type 99, told today it was Kokura series 23, maybe early 1943 rifle. Has the chrome lined bore and chromed bolt face, all matching including dust cover.
    Also has AA wings, cleaning rod and and importantly an intact mum. No monopod, but told they started phasing them (and the dust cover) out around the time it
    was made. I am told a matching dust cover is lucky find. It is serialized to rifle.

    Rifle in nice shape with usual dings on stock. Bluing and rifling look very good. Also came with a shorten bayonet. I did not see it before I bought it and left a low
    bid on it over phone, so think I got lucky on it.
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