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Thread: I Just Ordered an M&P Shield 9mm (and a Holster too)

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    I Just Ordered an M&P Shield 9mm (and a Holster too)

    My EDC for the last few years has been a Sig P229. It is kind of big, but not too big. And, it is kind of heavy, but not too heavy. Then, shortly after I got my Sig, my older son bought a Shield 9mm. I liked the feel of it in my hands, but I never got the chance to shoot it before he sold it.

    Now, fast-forward to the last few weeks. My son let me carry, and shoot, his current EDC, a Glock 43. I really liked the size and the weight of the gun on my hip. On the other hand, I didnít really like shooting it. However, while I was at my local indoor range with his Glock, I tried out a couple of single-stacks rentals, including the Shield 9mm. That was enough to make me start checking prices.

    Last week I found one on sale on (no affiliation) for $299.00 with free shipping. And, after reading several reviews, and watching a bunch of Youtube videos, I went ahead and ordered a Vedder LightTuck IWB holster for the gun also.

    I got my Shield yesterday, but my Vedder holster is still a few days away, so I went ahead and picked up a Blackhawk SERPA CQC holster. I would have gotten one anyway for the range, CC under vest, light jacket, etc.

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    Nice little pistol.

    My dad picked one up when they were offering the rebate. I've got a full size M&P and wondered how something that small would shoot. It makes a nice carry package, but I like to shoot my guns often too. I got the chance to shoot his over the holidays, I was pretty impressed at how nice it felt in the hand as well as how well it shot. For such a small pistol, it wasn't that awkward to hold and was smooth, manageable, and accurate it was. I really like it.
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