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Thread: CETME model B (die cast miniature)

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    CETME model B (die cast miniature)

    I've been looking at these for quite a while and finally found one that was in decent condition.
    From what I've read they were supposedly made back in the 70's but that info is only from a comment that someone posted on a web page in Spain, so it's hard to say for sure.
    The side is embossed CETME NATO, made in Spain but there is no manufacturer name anywhere. The only thing that could mean something is the torch logo molded on the butt stock, so I thought. Turns out that it's not a torch, it's a derringer.

    I first saw these a few years back I was searching for "real" CETME model B parts for my build, I knew I just had to have one!

    The rifle body and workings are die cast metal, stock and grip are plastic. It appears the magazine is set up to take one of the small red plastic caps, although I haven't tried it ...yet! I used to have revolver cap gun when I was a kid that took them and it looks like the same set up from what I remember.
    The charging handle is spring loaded and locks to the rear, when the trigger is pulled the cocking assembly moves forward and fires the cap.

    The wood base has a cut out for the pistol grip to fit into. There are a few variations of bases that I've seen; wood and plastic. Some have a leatherette type placard that is glued on, some have the info printed right on the base. There are also a few variations of the text but basically all say the same thing.

    CAL. 7.62 m/m.

    The rifle is 13" long and approximately 7" high at the muzzle when sitting in the base.

    The cocking lever on this one would not lock back so I had no choice but to do a complete disassembly ...I would of anyway out of curiosity. Fortunately that's all it needed. It probably hadn't been cleaned in years. I put it back together and it seems to be working fine.

    The discoloration on one side is present but not as noticeable in person. Cameras and artificial lighting will do strange things.
    I've seen pics of one that was NIB and the original finish is satin black paint. I like patina so it will stay just the way it is.

    Here's a few pics, more on Imgur if your interested...thanks!

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    That is really cool. I don't think I have ever seen one. Are they a pricey collectible or just hard to find?
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    I've seen them loose with no base for under $20 and complete ones close to $100.

    Conditions that I've seen vary like anything. Some with missing or cracked butt stocks, a lot with missing or chipped paint like a battlefield pick-up ...must of been played with hard!
    The price can be palatable depending on how bad you want it. What's hard to find is someone that will ship to the US, and of course the shipping cost. Most generally only take bank or wire transfers but there are fee's so it can kill a deal.

    I paid $35, shipping was $30. I choked on the shipping but when I found out they used FedEx and I had it in four days the pain didn't seem so bad. If it goes through Spain's postal service, Correos, and by boat...your looking at 3 weeks. I also lucked out because the guy I bought this one from accepted PayPal.

    I don't speak Spanish so another time consuming task to get this was spent on Google translator. I usually apologize in advance for the lack of communication skills and translation.

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    That's really cool! It would go good in the man cave.
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