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Thread: Past due!

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    Past due!

    My wife and I were in our place about an hour outside of Bogota, in the mountains about 9,000' above sea level. While there I was looking at some of my older posts and see that I needed to give you all a range report on my CZ P-09.

    In addition to the P-09 I also took my newly acquired Palmetto State Armory PA-9, a 9mm AR Pistol.

    The PSA PA-9 is a short barreled (7.5") blowback 9mm AR. It has a Shockwave Blade Arm Brace installed; in my picture it shows a Vector SPARC-II red dot but at the range today I mounted a Sig Romeo-5 red dot; which in my opinion is a much better red dot then the SPARC-II.

    I was more interested in shooting the PSA so all I shot through the CZ P-09 was one 10 round magazine center mass and one 10 round magazine shot at the head. The groups were to the left so before the next range visit I will need to drift the rear sight slightly.

    Pictures or course say more then words; so here you all are:

    CZ P-09; 20 rounds - 10 to the chest and 10 to the head)

    I am really impressed with the PA-9 - its a definite winner! the center bullseye was shot at the 15 yard line and the others were shot at 10 yards.

    And here's the gun I used; shown with a Colt 9mm AR:

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    nice toys!

    glad you have a nice place in the high elevation!~ no bugs!(i hear thats a strong point of that elv.)
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    Looks like both shoot well.
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