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Thread: G3/91 DAG blue ammo question

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    G3/91 DAG blue ammo question

    Looking at getting the bolt and a couple K of the DAG blue training ammo and am curious how the accuracy is out to say 100 yards? maybe further? I see that the claim is accurate out to 300 yards.

    Looking to supplement my use of "copper" ammo with plastic since its going to be much cheaper. Still punches paper at a decent distance it seems. $180ish for 1k rounds is better than $800+ depending on make etc.

    Been working more with my PTR-91 since I use it for 2 gun matches around here and looking for other options. I've been happy with the DAG blanks I acquired years ago but those don't punch holes. They give me good practice with more dynamic training when I'm on the range by myself seeing what methods work and what don't without blowing through a ton of money on ammo.

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    The blue bullet is good to about a 100 yards.

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