^^^ you cant go wrong with putting your boy on that gun. easy to handle and manage!

totally get what you guys are saying on the enjoyment vs cost. done tons of builds that were cheaper to buy than build. i get it. i really do.

just at some point for me it gets to the part of the inflated cost to "have another one" vs getting something different.

so sold 2 non military 1911's this week..... still got several & just couldnt convince myself to pick up another one. Maybe my 1911 lust has just worn off & something else will fill its place in the vault?

the condition of these when CMP gets done with them will be pretty good & if they were WWII time frame? i'd probably not worry about dropping the coin on them. guess im finally turning into an old tightwad.

then again ... maybe one of you guys will grab one of these & post a glowing review & convince the rest of us to jump in. its happened before!