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Thread: VZ61 Skorpion... anyone have one?

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    VZ61 Skorpion... anyone have one?

    Guys, I've had a long term obsession with the Vz61 Skorpion AKA "the Klobb". Does anyone here have one that Czech Point USA sells? I prefer the .32 version, but am open to the 9 Mak version as well. Thoughts?

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    Very first "gun" I ever had was a squirt gun of one. I've looked at them many times wanting one. If the mags for the mak version didn't ruin the luck so much for me I'd buy one. Ivery been close several times to pulling the trigger and buying a .32 to sbr.
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    I looked over on GB and saw a few for sale at 695.00. I also saw one in 380. That might be a way to go too. I have more 380 than 32. There were a good number of kits also.
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