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Thread: florida school shooting

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    also read the kid got an uber ride to the school. either the kid did a real good job concealing his weapon, or the driver was really unobservant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonleathal View Post
    couldn't agree more. a lot of talk out there about how to avoid these kind of tragedies, but no action. the police we're called to his place of residence quite a few times, expelled from school, possible on line threats made. yet no mention of any social services getting involved.

    i'm not a big champion of gun control, but i think this one case where someone shouldn't have been able to purchase an ar, no questions asked.
    totally dont get this either... he had been reported to several agencies over the last 9 months.... yet still could purchase & own a gun.

    & they couldnt catch this? but if my wife misses $1 on a student loan they are up my ass in 2 seconds.....

    it truly is a case of the gun laws/regs we have are useless & pointless.
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