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Thread: Need Some Ideas (Help) NFA Thompson or NFA M16 ??????

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdk1968 View Post

    thats just dirty! hilarious, but dirty.

    always thought that a reising would be the way to go to get into a FA in 45acp.... but Heckinohio kept talking me out of them.. there is a particular part that is prone to breaking & it was supposed to be getting pretty rare now days...
    Probably the bumper plug/hammer spring guide. The originals used a one-piece design that were indeed prone to breaking. I swapped my original (unbroken) part out for a new manufactured 2-piece job (guide rod was a separate part) and never had any issues with breakage. The Reising was definitely finicky when it came to mags, though. It ran like a top with any of the original 12-rounders I had and worked perfectly fine with 6 of the 8 Christie 30-rounders I had... and I couldn't see any difference between the 6 Christies that worked fine and the 2 that caused FTF issues. And the charging handle location was just dumb... I can see why the Reising was terrible as combat weapon, but as a range toy it was more than capable. And the closed-bolt design made it a great semi-auto shooter, too.

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    awesome info & thank you for sharing!

    i love machineguns.
    say what you mean & mean what you say!
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