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Thread: 9mm Largo

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    9mm Largo

    I found some Starline 38 super comp brass at Bass Pro. A bag of 100 for 25.00. I bought a bag and measured the case and its extemely close to the same dimensions as 9mm super comp. I've used 9mm super comp brass and it works very well in my Star super A. I load to 9mm Largo specs and no higher. I use regular 38 super dies for reloading and sometimes use 9x19 data if I can't find Largo data. The case is longer so pressures will not be as high. DO NOT USE data for 38 super or any other higher pressure ammo! I'm not saying you should do it this way but I've used it and its works for me, "your mileage may vary".

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    Starline sells 9mm Largo brass still.

    $96.50 for 500 with free shipping.
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    dont reload.. so no help there... but can pass you on what ive been "told" by my reloader:

    95 grain with 5 grains of HP38 is his go to load.. 4.7 gr's of HP 38min, 5.3 gives you 1150 fps & max load is 5.9

    but i actually love that cartridge in my modelo & all of my stuff is in 147grn.... got a lot more punch to it than regular 9mm. down to about 2k rounds of it now... great shooter!

    an outfit in TX got 500,000 rounds of it in a couple years back & i grabbed a few cases, but they are out now.
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