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Thread: MP5 finally

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    Very nice! I think you just maybe nudged me enough to buy
    a kit.

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    Nice.......N I C E.....

    luv me some 9mm short guns
    "Listen With Your Eyes"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silvera View Post
    Nice.......N I C E.....

    luv me some 9mm short guns
    You and I both.
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    two creeks ago I stocked up on import mp5 mags since I got the feeling more companies may be offering them since Omega and zenith have a good market currently. I like that straight mag, very retro. Everybody is gearing up the new 9mm carbines but there is just something about a MP5.....If I can muscle the funds a MP5SD clone is my goal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottz63 View Post
    You look good in a bikini! I had no idea! LOL
    Not me, but my SBR. Photoshoot a few years back, borrowed a Yacht for a day.
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