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    Got to the range and shot the ladder loads for the M14 & M16.
    Started with the M16. First thing I learned is that IMI 55g ammo caused all my earlier problems. It ran 100% on my reloads today. The next thing I learned was I think the guy I ran into at the range last time was right about AR's wanting to run up near the max on loads. Mine kept looking better until they opened up at 25g. which is .2g under Hodgdon's max. Primers all looked good, none flattened or cratered. Got it narrowed down to 24 or 24.5g. Now I need to get that new chrony figured out and send some over the screens.
    The M14 ran just as well, 100%. 40g. was the clear winner. 4 in less than 1", the flyer got to 1 3/4". Like the M16, it's runs better every time it gets out. Very happy with the Bassett scope mount. Shot the groups left to right. 38-41g. 2nd group 39g. I moved 3 clicks right. 3rd group 40g. I moved 3 clicks up. Minute of Zombie found lol! Bear in mind I'm just looking for trigger time ammo here. All the flyers prove that lol! These rounds are as cheap as I could make them. The 5.56 is running 16 and the 7.62 is 26 in component cost.
    Then I ran a few through the Spanish Mauser dog. Those are the targets on the top row. That 165g LFP over 16g of 2400 is showing promise. All shooting was done at 50yd. By then the bug juice was wearing off and the skeeters were finding the range so it was time to go. Condition was total overcast, with drizzle while setting up. Had the whole range to myself. That makes dealing with the skeeters much easier lol!

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