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Thread: And today's experiment is.......

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    Being disappointed with the M16, it's time to eliminate a few variables. After running a few patches thru the bore, I futzed with the cheek riser. I finally got where it doesn't hit my shoulder, and the charging handle will get the bolt back far enough to lock. What a PITA lol! Then I found I had 1 rifle case big enough to transport it with the scope mounted, so I cinched the mount nut down good and tight. Maybe the scope was squirming around. To check the ammo, I'll make sure I take the Ruger along next time and run it thru both. Maybe trying to turn a $600 sows ear AR into a silk purse target rifle isn't the smartest thing I've ever done lol! Without projects like this I get bored, and if it was easy everybody would be doing it.


    Then I got the MAK out to clean and saw this. Oh well, the stock was already f'd when the sling swivel fell out. I'm a glass is half full guy so now I have no qualms about getting out the dremel and doing a little contour work on the thumbhole for a better fit. It's just a little wide for my small hands. My advice to the Chinese; plant some more damn walnut trees lol!


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    That sucks with the chip on the MAK stock.
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