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    Got some more work done on the Enfield and it's coming around real good. After getting the fore stock tightened up I looked into the dodgy magazine. It had a tendency to jam up after 2/3 rounds so I bought a repro. Then I notice the original is missing a piece, the mag aux. spring. Got that and a few other bits from I use a recoil pad, so when I saw they have a 1/2" shorter butt stock for $20 I grabbed one. New birch, nice looking chunk of wood.
    Took it to the range yesterday and happy with the groups. Shooting at around 27 paces. Started with the pop can loads which were around 8" at 50yrds. the last time I shoot it. Yikes lol! Yesterday they were under 2". That rifle must have a really tall front sight. At 100yd on the ladder sight they were below the bottom of the target. At 200yd they got on the paper. Then I ran 10 of the 123 FMJ's with 400yd. on the sight and that was close to POA which was a 6 o'clock hold.




    Then I tried running the M16 again. Jammed on the first round. I worked on it some today and think it might be that IMI ammo. It will chamber but not fall out on it's own with gravity. Tried some steel case Wolf that fell right out, and my reloads will also fall out. The chamber isn't rough but must be on the tight side. On the bright side, the one round I got off was just a couple clicks of windage off POA. Almost got the irons dialed in with 3 rounds.

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