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Thread: And today's experiment is.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdk1968 View Post

    its the joke.. think of Gomer Pyle episodes...... the thought of riding up & down the range with a target on your back.. :-)
    Gotcha lol! That flew right over my head. My favorite band is Jethro Tull, and they have an album titled "Thick as a Brick". I think they wrote that song with me in mind lol!

    So, fortune smiled upon me today. One of my lathes at work went down last night and I got laid off today. It's off to the range to see what these M1 Garands are all about. Once again I get in a hurry, and today it was the bench bags that got left behind. Yep, still thick as a brick. It looks better on the bench than the pool table.


    Forgot to add, the M1 has a Springfield receiver made in Sept. 42 881xxx. Probably saw some action somewhere. You guys that collect might be curious about that. I just like to shoot so don't pay much attention to how "correct" my rifles are. Most of them have been arsenal refurbed and are mix and match anyway.

    I know very little about these rifles so guessed 7 clicks up on the sight. Shooting at the 50yd line at my aux. range because the local range is still closed. Being a new build everything is tight. Had to bump the op-rod to get the bolt closed on every clip. No danger of M1 thumb today lol! I could tell it was tight as it stove piped hard on the 3rd round. Got a set-up brass for the annealer lol! Sent 1 more down and checked the target. Not impressed, hope it just needs to have the barrel fouled a little. Made a sight adj. and sent the last 4 down. PING! That is so cool! I'm shooting South Korean M80 surplus today, which nobody will mistake for Federal Gold Medal Match, so not expecting much but the next 4 have changed my mind to totally impressed. Could cover them with a 25.


    Then, since I'm just breaking this in, I want to see how fast it will unload a few clips. Sights are fairly close so it's time for Zombie hunting. I unloaded 3 clips as fast as I could get a sight picture. Had 1 more stove pipe in the 3rd clip slow me down. Got 20 out of 24 in the gray. This rifle is showing potential. It will be interesting to see which of my .308's, M1, M14, and Spanish Mauser, I can get to shoot the best.


    Then I got the Enfield out. Had a fantastic group with the 7g HP38 load last time, and 7.62guy suggested dropping back a 1/2 grain. Loaded 10 of each. By this time the wind picked up and the target was flapping around some. Also, shooting off that shifting range bag didn't help. See how I can rationalize with the best of them when I need excuses lol! The 6.5g load outshot the 7g load today.

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    ha ha! knew it would come to you with just a little jog.

    nice shooting.
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    Great second target with that Garand!
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    No range report today because it's still under water, but Scott is getting bored so I have a question. Been spending some time doing brass prep at the loading bench and noticed I was getting low on .223 bullets. had Armscorp 62g. FMJ's on sale last week so I picked up 1K. I have H335 and AA2520 to push them. What do you like for powder for your 62g.'s? I want to keep them at the medium to low end because my Ruger has the slower 1:10 twist barrel and not sure if it will stabilize them at the high end.

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    Don I don't shoot or reload the 5.56 or the .223. I do however load a lot of 308 and 22-250 and have found over the years that most powders for those rounds seem to work well for the 5.56 or so my reloading friends say. So having said that there are many powders that have worked well for me over the years but for the last ten years or so I have used Varget with great results and Ramshot Tac in my bolt rifles and for plinking rounds I still use good old 4064 with better than battle rifle results most times.
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