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Thread: Scored some brass

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    Scored some brass

    My buddy Ross was cleaning up his basement and stopped by yesterday to see if I had any use for these. 450 '06 LC, 50 '06 DAG, 200 9mm, and 50 5.56. $20 made both him and me happy lol! I'm off to do some de-capping with the help of a couple beers. All one fired and not out of a machine gun, just his old Garand. Should work ok.


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    Nice score!
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    Sounds like the old days when brass was a dime a dozen. Good deal.
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    Got all that '06 processed this weekend. Found 35 head stamped SL45, and about 60 some LC45. The Saint Louis plant only operated for 3 years during the war if you believe everything you read on the interweb. I'm giving those to my buddy Mark for his '06 Rock Island. A vintage gun deserves vintage brass.

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