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Thread: Holy crap its nice "Demilled" guns

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    138 Holy crap its nice "Demilled" guns

    In another thread there was a link to for asking it was a gun or not.
    I looked through the listing and found a H&K 416 .22lr pistol that my kids always wanted but i was not going to spend $399-499 on on.

    I found a listing for one , minus the lower for $199.

    This thing is like brand new. and it was packed well

    For $199 and a $39 lower (Needing some simple machining) I now have one for the kids. Magazines not on sale are still $30 for the 30rds
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    and ya didnt pick me up anything......

    ive already got the ingredients for your friggin potato leek soup.... but did you get your old buddy a fancy gun kit? F' no... LMAO

    NO dont need ANYTHING kit wise.
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