That's why I talked about dreaming.
No "big gun sellers" left here, and new "EU compliant laws" are in the works for later this year.
A few gun stores could make a joint order, but don't know much about how that works. I will refer the guys from a local one to your page, to see if it's possible (I'm interested in getting one, after all).

I know for sure that .222 versions of the rifle were made (I personally tested a pet project of some army armorers), but were never authorised to even go to the proof house, much less enter production.
When the kits were made available in the US, some guys tried again to get enough interest to get a .222 version made, but legal issues (a previous military rifle cannot be modified for the civilian market, just for starters) stopped the project.
Don't know if there were other attempts.

Our laws are the worst obstacle