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Thread: AC130J some history some future

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    AC130J some history some future

    All I ever saw was the AC47 and thought it was wonderful.Anything bigger with more firepower more accurate and can stay in the high longer has got to be a great plane.

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    My best friend was a gunner/loader on the AC130.

    We had the AC130 and the AC47 help us several time in Vietnam.
    We were being over run and they were in the air around us for hours.
    One would be there and leave and another took over.
    They would be there until day light came.
    They were our Angles in the air. They saved our Ass........
    The sound and tracers from above is awesome, something you never forget.
    I may have a few pictures I took some where, Maybe I can find them.

    I do know when your on the ground and need help it was a wonderful a feeling to get it quickly.
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    pretty awesome improvements for a "big" plane.,,
    say what you mean & mean what you say!
    TEC Tactical=SOT/07 i work there.

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