In 2001 I retired from the Coast Guard after 4 years in the Navy and 26 years in the Coast Guard - all active duty. After trying to work in the private sector I was laid off after 13 months as a Logistics Analyst and Director of the Logistics Products Division of a small Engineering Consulting Firm.

Hungry, with a wife to feed and an ex-wife to send monthly payments to - I was hired by US Customs and Border Protection in 2/2004 as a CBP Officer. Some of the more Senior Inspectors (when Senior Inspector was an actual position - earned with experience, tested knowledge, and seniority) used to tell us about the "Good Old Days". One position, done away with, was the Customs Patrol Officer (USCPO). They patrolled the area around the Ports of Entry (Airports, Seaports, and Land Border Crossings) along with Border Patrol. When the original "Sky Marshal" Program was cancelled many of the Sky Marshals became USCPOS or Agents. Eventually the USCPO function was dissolved.

There were (supposedly) 813 Model 19-4 Blue, 4" revolvers, with smooth Goncalvo Alves smooth target stocks, and marked on the right side plate with a Customs Patrol Officer's Badge and the barrel roll marked 1852 - 1978 U. S. Customs Patrol. I bought one yesterday; its been fired a little and there is a turn line, but other then that I have it, the original wood display box, and the un-engraved brass plate for the top of the box. I think I paid a fair price for it; I'll probably shoot it once (6 rounds .38 Special, 6 rounds .357 Magnum, clean and oil it well, and put it on the "shelf" with my
revolvers. My pictures don't really do it justice; but here it is: