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That stock took a while because it was one of the first I tried, and I wasn't keeping track of time, at a guess 20 hours with finishing. I've refinished it since that pic using a polishing technique that provides a very smooth finish while filling the pores in the wood.

The handguard was remarkably fast, once I figured out how to do it... slots were cut on a milling machine in a square blank (barrel channel cut first), then cut the bits that go in the metal caps and finally sliced off the "facets" on a table saw, just kind of eyeballing the angles. Maybe 8 hours total.

That grip was probably the 4th one I ever made, so it too took a while. I think grips probably took me around 4 hours back when I made that one (they are A LOT faster now )
Wow.. that is a good chunk of time.. But Sir may I add.. very worth it.. Many thanks for the details