I posted this over at Gunboards too, so forgive for just pasting it.

I was wondering if any of you would happen to know a current value for one of these. It's the blued slide version, either NIB or like new. One extra mag, box, cleaning brushes, extra set of wood grips, and I believe it had the manual.

I was in my LGS doing 2 transfers and looked at this thing calling me out. It was all over when I held it and took a closer look at it. It apparently came out of a private collection. A really impressive machined pistol, everything looked really tight, no machining marks or anything. So after two days of thinking about it, I went back on the 3rd day and put it on layaway.

Anyhow, It would be good to hear any personal testimonies of value, shooting abilities, or personal opinions. There's just not a lot of info out there on these.

Here it is after putting my prints all over it.