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Thread: Retro 249...Kinda Sorta

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    Thanks to a wonderfully generous and first class fellow who took pity on me after reading my posts, I now have an early fixed handle barrel and stock with the webbing intact. Lets take a look and I'll post a couple other goodies I've picked up.

    It still needs an early non-flared pistol grip and the early feed cover without a rail and the rear sight moved forward to look truly authentic but we're getting closer:

    Some things to note are the barrel profile seen only on early barrels with the bell shaped flash hider, the fixed carry handle and the funny shaped knob on front of the gas block denoting an adjustable gas system:

    Next are details of some markings on the barrel assembly.

    Typical caliber and twist rate stamp. At some point, they changed from the European style "," (seen here) to the US style "." in between the 5's :

    Part number on the flash hider:

    The one I sourced from Belgium does not have this number and is made a little differently. I'll show you that in a bit.

    Part number on the side of the barrel:

    Part number on gas knob:

    "N" mark on the left side (when viewed from the firing position) of the gas block indicating "Normal" setting:

    Note that the arm on the front of the gas knob is pointing to the left, indicating that the gas system is set to Normal.

    There is no marking on the other side of the gas block for Adverse:

    Belgian proof mark on top of barrel:

    Whether the entire assembly was made in Belgium and marked for US contract or just the barrel was and we assembled everything to it over here, I do not know. But there is no question that the barrel itself was made there.

    Stamps on the bottom of the barrel:

    To the right is a partial stamp of hex with a figure in it. I'm pretty sure that is a date code stamp used by FN. Here's a close up of it:

    Is that a "Q" in there? You FN guys know this stuff far better than I do. What year does that represent? I would very much like to know when this barrel was made.

    The last picture in this post shows the difference between a known Belgian made flash hider (unmounted) and the one on this barrel bearing a part number:

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    Again, another awesome post with great pics! Always look forward to these when you do them.
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