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Thread: Has anybody done a change barrel cetme?

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    Has anybody done a change barrel cetme?

    I'm sure the cetme build is getting old to some but forgive me as I've been busy with life, a woman, too much work n way too many projects. This winter I'm going to try an idea, cetme platform, dual caliber, built for accuracy. 6.5 panther / 50whisper. Yes I'm nuts, but if it can work in either caliber I'm game to try. Yes the fluting is going to be a chore , but y the hell not? I need a break from my packard and triumphs. Done plenty of mauser n other bolt guns. Please feel free to let er rip as I've need of the feedback. IE holes shot into this to find the hitching points.

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    The Change barrel tread has been done....Somewhat.....

    Yeah I know what does he mean? the particular weapon can be googled PSG-2 - Link provided.

    It's doable but only a few really have the skills to facilitate the build and/or patience.....I say go for it?

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    I have no idea what 6.5 panther is but I've done a lot of barrels for the 12.7X 48 (510 whisper) and I don't think it will work in the Cetme. The case head on the 510 is .585" and if you're actually talking about the 50 whisper you're in luck as the case head diameter is the same as the rest of the big mags.... .535". The problem with the 50 whisper is length. Its a longer case based on the 460 weatherby mag and if you use a bullet of more than about 300 gr it won't fit in the mag. The 510 is pretty much in the same boat....too long for the mags unless you're shooting 200 gr wadcutters. One other detail is the diameter of the cases. You'll need enough metal in the breech end of the barrel to handle the larger diameter cases and the Cetme trunnion will start to get a bit thin in spots if you go large enough for the round.
    All in all its a wonderful idea but not very practical for the Cetme platform. As 11C ABN noted there was another thread on this subject that would be good info for you on the subject


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