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Thread: 1911 ?,.. Or 1911-A1?, What's your preference for a shooter ?(Thoughts on ATI)

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottz63 View Post
    Harms Way-Great story! I love it when you can dodge a wife bullet like that. It does not happen very often, but when it does, you know the gun gods were looking out for you. Lol!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harms Way View Post
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    hello, as the question has been answered quite well already. I.e. find the one that fits! The fit/feel is vertical important. I have built several 1911 pistols, my personal favorites are my 1914 original, it's pitted, blue is almost gone, rebuilt it severaltimes, but it's the most dependable semi I've ever owned. I have a 70 series national match gold cup that is awesome , and a pretty 70 series 22 ace that runs great, I had an ATI similar style but full slide. Like yours it needed a tune up. It now runs smoothly, has nice trigger , had to use some n.m. parts ,grour gripper etc. But it is a nice backup to my others. My oldest friend has eyes in her n will receive that one for his birthday in February. Glad he doesn't read forums ! I think you did a fine job on it. If I had a spare micro rear site I'd offer it to you. The fit original dovetail and are adjustable. Look very much like military site. Dang they r hard to find anymore.... best regards.

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