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Thread: WTS: Fall Cleaning: WTS: Reloading Items, Grips, Slings, More

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    WTS: Fall Cleaning: Items Added: Reloading Items, Grips, Slings, More

    Hello, I have for sale:
    Items Added:
    ***SPF***RCBS steel 2 die set in .223 Rem w/ Lee bullet seating die and Lee factory crimp die (no box); $20.00
    * Ruger GP100 Factory grip w/ walnut panels, excellent condition. 17.50 shipped.
    * Lee carbide Pistol Die sets in very Good condition. Calibers .38 Special, .....$20.00ea shipped.
    * Hornady hand priming tool. Very good condition. Actually it is two sets that make a complete set. So there will be mostly 2 of each item. 25.00 shipped.

    ***SPF*** Complete AR-15 upper assembly in .300 AAC Blackout in excellent condition. The upper is by Anderson, the barrel is a Bear Creek 16" Heavy barrel w/flutes; 1-8 twist... Nitride finish....Carbine gas system. It has about 100 rounds through. 1moa....The BCG is a Spikes tactical coated, The free float hand guard is 15" long M-lok from Strike Industries. A2 flashider and standard charge handle. $300.00 obo shipped...
    ***SPF*** Aimpoint PRO optic. Excellent condition. 340.00 shipped.
    ***SPF*** 1903A3 walnut hand guard; It has a flat area that was filed but it can be cleaned up with a little work. 15.00 shipped.
    ***SPF*** Small bore shooter's match cartridge holder (cartridges shown not included), 15.00shipped
    ***SPF*** A like new Hornady 2 die rifle set for 25-35 Winchester and 150pcs (3x 50ea boxes) of brand new unopened cal. 25-35 Win rifle brass. A rare caliber.....$80.00 shipped for all of it.
    ***SPF*** Hornady Cam-Lock Case Trimmer in very good condition. It has all the pilots. $50.00.
    ***SPF*** Reproduction 98K leather sling. 15.00 shipped
    ***SPF*** Reproduction G98 leather sling, Came off 1912 Steyr Mauser. 15.00 shipped.
    ***SPF*** Pachmeyr "Gripper" rubber grips for "N" frame S&W revolver. 15.00 shipped.

    PM or email for any questions. Thanks for looking.

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