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Thread: Some B.S. plus 30-40 Krag picture

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    Some B.S. plus 30-40 Krag picture

    Had a couple of cool, but decent days to do fence repair. Doing hay and had not run any cattle for years, so trees limbs and deer breaking wires had
    done a fair amount of damage. Brother will be running some of his cattle here this winter on my place until he can get his new place next to me
    squared away from years of neglect. In short, I have been busy helping him move his farm (LOL).

    Had problems with coyotes coming on to the home site, killing chickens and twice even broke into chicken house and kill some. We found a
    female had a den not far away from the house with a large litter, plus a big male companion. I usually leave them alone to eat rats and
    mice, unless they become a threat. I thought we had gotten most of them, but found one 25 yards off yesterday moving this way.
    My 3/4 grown Corgi pup, was out, very protective of animals here, but I could see it getting torn up. Anyway, went for my trusty old
    .222 Savage with equally old Bushnell 4X scope. Rushed a frontal shot as pup next to me was about to move on it, also had cattle in area
    I did not want collateral damage and missed. Got a 2nd shot at 250 yards and nailed it.

    Anyway, today is cold and rainy and we are going to see some 30 degree nights starting this weekend. Good day for me to take a break. Been
    messing a bit with these 30-40 Kraig's , so thought I would post a photo of them. The carbine is legit, not cut down. Plus a picture of
    my trusted and very accurate old .222 Savage.

    BTW how is going this fall with the rest of you?
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    Good looking Krags! Beautiful Corgi as well.

    I was looking at getting a Krag a couple of years ago but ammo cost and availability eventually changed my mind.
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    Sounds like there's never a dull moment

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