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its not even legal gun season here yet & they have been lighting the woods up on the farm on the far side of me. it belongs to the local elks club & they have had people blasting over there all weekend.
Our modern gun started 10 days ago and runs to 2 Dec. They have a 3-4 day after Christmas hunt. Bow season is nearly 4 months long and muzzle loader also gets extra days to hunt. Oh, we also have an early
modern gun property owners hunt for 7 days. IIRC that is does only.

My renter who lives on 40 acres I bought earlier this year got a 7 pt yesterday on it. Told him he could take a couple if he wanted, but seem to have more fun watching them than shooting one.
He bought a big smoker and we wanted some deer jerky so he finally pulled the trigger on one.

Think that makes 7 taken so far on my place - 6 bucks and 1 doe. Still thick as flies around here, so I will likely take one this week myself for jerky. Kind of a sorry way to hunt,
but I can just step outside late afternoon and pick out one to shoot.

On another note anyone else run into Black Coyotes. I have a big jet Black one hanging around. It was about 50 yards off in field this morning. Saw me and I yelled at it and it just
look at me. Finally it slowly walked off, not away from me, but parallel to me across the field. I hate to, but afraid I will have to shoot it. Had another hen missing this morning.