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Thread: Curious about market interest in AR10-style Wood Furniture

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    Curious about market interest in AR10-style Wood Furniture

    I've been exchanging a few emails with Matt at Ironwood Designs about the prospect of him making some wood AR rifle furniture. This would be meant for the Brownell's BRN-10 but should also work on anything that accepts a rifle length forend.

    My idea is to have him more or less copy the Wilke Wood AR10 furniture that was sold in Canada although I'd prefer a pistol grip that's more closely shaped to the original. Matt says the hand guard should be no problem since he has most of the parameters worked out for that. Pistol grip also isn't likely to be an issue especially if he can borrow an original to reverse engineer so he can get the exterior right while keeping it compatible with current lowers. The buttstock may or may not be an issue.

    So is there any market interest in such a project? If so, what pattern would be preferred? A Wilke style forend with the grasping groove and vent holes fore and aft or something else? What about the pistol grip and stock? Would buyers be interested in something like a wooden pistol grip and/or wooden forend if a stock was not available or would it have to be a full and complete set of replacement furniture?

    This stuff should also fit the AR10B and the other Brownell's retro line so if you have one of those guns and would like to comment please do so.

    I've included a picture of Wilke furniture for reference.

    Thanks. Merry Christmas.

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    I would definitely be interested in them. The style you have pictured would go great on my Armalite Ar10B trigger charging handle inside the carry handle retro. I would really be cool if this happens and they started offering different wood types besides walnut.

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