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Thread: Mosin Nagant World (current prices)

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    They sold out of them. There are a lot of people looking for them now.
    I have been following the prices for a while and the dealers are hunting for them.

    I get messages from a few ffl dealers wanting to know if I would sell them some of mine.
    I just tell them "no".
    I have been letting one dealer have a couple M-91/30's every few months and he usually has a long waiting list.

    I have put back all the M-38's and M-44's for later and now only selling a few M-91/30's a year.
    These, I think will be selling for $500 to $700 before the year is up.

    He has been getting calls for legit M-N snipers.
    I am not ready to sell any of mine. "YET"
    They have been selling for over $2000 in some markets.
    When they get to $3000 (whole sale) I may sell a couple of them.
    The problem is there are a lot of fake one out there.
    Some of them are hard to tell if they are legit or fake.


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    I waited on getting a 91/30 because M44s cost less. But eventually bought one - about $100 - because I liked the looks better.

    After buying a few cases of 8mm mauser ammo because it was so cheap, I finally had to buy a Nauser. Not long after doing that the case prices jumped almost daily.
    Went from $60 to $90 in one afternoon and then the dealer was sold out. It was $30 a case when I first bought it, surplus of course.

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