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Thread: CETME and a NOOB

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    CETME and a NOOB

    Sup'. I found this fine forum scouring the nets looking on how to build a CETME on the "cheap". Particularly a model C... I have never handled one but they are badass and i'm gonna try to build one. The only part of the build that bothers me is bending a flat without buying an expensive jig and this site has some awesome info (the unistrut jig idea got me here: THANKS)

    Background: I run an automotive repair shop and have a ton of tools and stuff. No lathe and no mill. I consider myself very mechanically inclined but in the gun world I have only built a STEN and .... AR's.

    Anyways thanks for the knowledge of you veteran builders it is priceless.
    And, yeah, I love all kinds of milsurp weapons so i'm sure this place will be a valuable resource.
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    quite a bit of knowledge to be had here. plus a great group of guys.

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    I'm sure you can find all of the info you need here.
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    Welcome Aboard, Semper Fi

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    I'm kinda new here too. Welcome!

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    I've seen it done(Disclaimer, it's the internet). I wish I had the link still with me, but i've read where an individual bending new flats without a jig using scrap steel that he had on hand. Maybe someone else will pipe up with the link...

    But yeah, I absolutely believe it could be done, without a jig, if you have the necessary skills.
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    I just bent a KP44 flat using a "universal fixture" I've been wanting to try for a long time. It's just three 6"x2"x1/4" plates, two 15" pieces of garage door opener track, and some delrin strips I found at a flea market. The gist of the fixture is that the pins remain in the center and the rails move in or out to give the necessary spread for the metal to be bent.

    For a Cetme flat to work I'd need to cut notches for the ejection port and scope pads to pass into the gap. The press bar also has to be properly sized for the radius required.



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