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Thread: CETME and a NOOB

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    CETME and a NOOB

    Sup'. I found this fine forum scouring the nets looking on how to build a CETME on the "cheap". Particularly a model C... I have never handled one but they are badass and i'm gonna try to build one. The only part of the build that bothers me is bending a flat without buying an expensive jig and this site has some awesome info (the unistrut jig idea got me here: THANKS)

    Background: I run an automotive repair shop and have a ton of tools and stuff. No lathe and no mill. I consider myself very mechanically inclined but in the gun world I have only built a STEN and .... AR's.

    Anyways thanks for the knowledge of you veteran builders it is priceless.
    And, yeah, I love all kinds of milsurp weapons so i'm sure this place will be a valuable resource.
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    quite a bit of knowledge to be had here. plus a great group of guys.

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    I'm sure you can find all of the info you need here.
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