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Thread: New CETME Modelo A video

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    New CETME Modelo A video

    Forgotten Weapons has an interesting new video on the CETME Model A.

    I never knew how different the A was from the B and C, from the buttstock to the open bolt/sear aspect, not to mention ammo. Still way ahead for its time overall.
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    Pretty neat. Learned something new also on the open bolt firing. I want it and wouldn't mind loading for it one bit.

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    Thank you very much for posting this. As Ian said it is a very elusive piece and the information that I’ve seen on model A is sparse. The early model A manual’s look like they were drawn in elementary school.

    Nice to see this gun up close, especially the trigger group ... I was hoping he’d remove it from the frame to get a better look at it but at least now I know what that flat metal pieces in the back; integrated sear and bolt hold open, pretty cool!

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    Very cool, especially the bolt function. Closed bolt in semi and open bolt in FA.

    Learned something new. Thanks!
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