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Thread: MarColMar and HMG Cetme L a Detailed Comparison

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    Very cool you jumped right on this and implemented a check in the system to prevent this in the future! Nice!
    14EH AIT Instructor-PATRIOT Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarColMar Firearms View Post
    ... a mag catch issue, a weld concern, and a gun we had to add more power to,
    That's what I need, MORE POWER!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarColMar Firearms View Post
    This is a first for us, we've not had any issues with not being on paper or sights being anywhere but almost dead center... and everything is welded in a jig the same... we will certainly fix it and address it asap...

    If you want to ship it back or bring it with you next week we can do that... we'll get right.

    Dave Bane
    MarColMar Firearms LLC
    Thank you Dave. I'll be contacting you tomorrow. You are the man!

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