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Thread: My latest acquisition: CMP Service Grade Quality Hardware M1 Carbine

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    Nice carbine! Nice work! Nice shooting!
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    A nice daylight picture of the Quality Hardware, Also, when I sold my last carbine, I kept my ammo, mags and, and reloading stuff. I have 600 loaded factory (mostly JSP) and another 600 of my reloads. Pretty well set up.

    The mags mostly go back to the 80s and 90s when I carried it as my LEO trunk weapon when I was a Deputy. (10) 30 round seven are J, OKay, AI and SEY, and three are commercial. One is absolutely identical to the USGI, and two are decent aftermarkets that function well. I also have (18) of the 15 rounders.

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    Nice setup, everything you need!
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