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Thread: ct supreme court ruling

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    ct supreme court ruling

    looks like remington will have to declare bankruptcy again. i guess that means if i get wacked by a drunk driver, i can sue budweiser for how they market their product to alcoholics.

    but good news, we're getting closer to leagalizing recreational mary jane.

    this state is hopeless.

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    So much ignorance in this country!
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    I am suing Keebler cookies for making me fat cause I sat on the couch and mis used the suggested serving info on the pack...I thought for sure that was x amount of fudge stripes per minute , not per day

    they are just way to dangerous for ordinary people

    and it begins...!...??!!.??
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    So can victim of drunk drivers now sue car makers as well when they are misused? They can say that had they installed breathalyzers in all models the drunk driver could not have misused the car. Plus the fact that the same car maker sponsored a race car with a beer makers name, thus promoting that fast cars and beer go together in advertising.

    Then there is the knife maker that did not install GPS in their handles, knowing that could curb violence.

    The consumer implications are endless.

    I hope the Supreme Court strikes this down.

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