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Thread: D-Day through the eyes of the Germans

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    D-Day through the eyes of the Germans

    Came across 2 really fantastic books. The books originate from a bunch of never published 1955 interviews. The Authors
    Grandfather was a Correspondent for the German propaganda magazines Die Wehrmacht and Signal. He visited the Atlantic wall in May of 1944 and then in 1955.
    He got in touch with Germans who served on the Wall. The interviews tell what those guys saw on that day. What is real nice is you get a real feeling of confidentiality in these interviews. These guys trusted & really opened up to the interviewer. One really gets a feeling that these guys are truly telling about how they fought and why they fought and they leave the bark on the tree as they do it.

    A real time capsule told by people who saw the crap come at them.. Some of the survival stories are unreal. Many times as I was listening, even though you know the guy lives through it, you do not think he can.

    D-Day through German Eyes 1

    D-Day through German Eyes 2

    Best part you can have them read to you for free on the You of Tubes channel

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    Thanks for the review and the information. Sounds like something worthwhile to follow up on


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    Thanks for sharing looks like good read

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