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Thread: Dog and Guns

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    Dog and Guns

    Last June I bought a 8 week old male Corgi I named Floki. He is a people dog, loves kids and is a constant companion on the farm. He has never been penned up, good
    with animals, has been over about every inch of my farm and my brother's adjacent farm and knows his territory well. He will check things out but never wanders much
    more than 50 yards from his people as we work in the farm, check cattle, etc.

    Anyway, we have been super busy since late last fall clearing land and restoring fences, etc, on land my brother and I just bought so I have not had much time to shoot.
    A few times I had to deal with varmints over the last months, Floki would take off and try to get in the shop building. He would never willingly been inside the house or shop
    unless I was in them with him.

    I never thought much of him being scared of guns, but yesterday he was in shop when I took my double barrel outside to to use some tools in barn to tighten some screws.
    Floki kept looking at the shotgun and would not come out of the shop with me. Again, this is a dog that would normally panic if he thought he was going to be left
    inside alone.

    That gets to today. My hay partner was working on a tractor in one of my converted chicken house half way across the farm and called me down at the shop. Said
    there was a ground hog digging it up and he did not have his gun with him. I grabbed a .22 Ruger with silencer and a .22 mag pistol. Floki paid no attention to the
    pistols and road up there with me in my Polaris. The silenced .22 did not bother him, but I had to finish off the varmint with .22 mag revolver, which is fairly
    loud. We were 300 feet back in the building when I did that.

    Anyway, after shooting the .22 mag I noticed Floki was gone. I figured he had ran back down to the house, but checked and he was not there. There is about
    a 1/4 mile of lane below the home site heavily tree lined that comes up here from the Hwy. I own it and the land on both sides, but never take the dog down there as it
    goes to hwy and did not want him to get use to going down it. I did not think he would go down there, but found had ran down it all the way to the hwy below.
    When he heard me in the Polaris coming down the lane he came back up to me and jumped in needing some attention from me telling him everything was OK.

    Like I said we have been terribly busy since last fall trying to get the land and home sites we bought working order. I figured I would get some time in next
    month or two to start doing some shooting again and play with that 1928-A1 Thompson I bought. Floki is a real pal, very attached to me and best dog I have
    ever own, but turns out he is terrified of guns. I am sure it is the noise they make that frightened him, but now just seeing me carrying a long gun scares him.
    Anyway, looks like the poor little guy will have to be shut inside when I start shooting again.

    Anyway just BSing. Have not been able to post as much lately with the turmoil going on, but things should soon settle down. There will always be work to do,
    but the worse is about over.
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    Our first dog took off like that one day when my riding lawn mower backfired. It ran more than half a mile before I was able to get in front of her. Fireworks on the 4th were always bad for her too. Luckily (?) she went deaf a few years before she died so had a few years of peace.

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    Good looking dog you have there. My mutts are the same. I grab a rifle or shotgun to deal with pests and they shy away. The little mongrel dog likes to go to the range with me and walks in the fields next to it with shooting going on without a problem. No idea what they’re thinking.

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    Is there something that he especially loves to do like fetch? Can you distract him with that while someone shoots far away, then over the course of several sessions have the person move closer? Sort of the classic dog conditioning for hunting dogs. We've mostly had labs, but with the occasional oddball like a, terrier, dachshund or collie. The only one that was overly gun shy was the full grown collie that my sister brought home from the pound who would take off like your corgi. Took a while but he eventually would be as excited as the others to go hunting.

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    That is a really good looking dog! You two will do great together.

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    YEP he has an issue with the high power waves.

    pretty common. you could get him some doggle phones, people at knob creek have them for their dogs at the show. then MAYBE you can get him more comfy with it.

    but you are just gonna have to leave him in the shop or the house while you are blastin with most of your toys or you will lose him.
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    Mine is scared to death too when she hears a shot. It kinda' blows but that's just how it is. You've got a cute little midget there though. He looks like a good buddy!

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    My Border Collie has NEVER even heard a gun go off and when I bring out one of my guns she heads for any other room in the house and waits for ne to put it up

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    Thats a nice looking Dog they tend to act like that some times its ok

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    The two Beagles I used to have (brother and sister) would freak out if I even so much as popped one of those air-pillows you find in some shipping boxes. They definitely did not like the 4th of July or New Years Eve fireworks, too. Never took those two out hunting, so never took the time to properly introduce them to gun fire.

    My current pooch, a Weimaraner, was always intended to be a bird dog, so when he was ~1 year old I had him professionally trained for the job, part of which was a calculated and gradual exposure to gun fire (starting small, working up to 12 gauge and rifles). I remember the first time I took him out in the field, I missed a perfectly good shot at a rooster because I was more concerned about what Remy might do when I fired. But he just stood there, didn't even flinch at all, and watched the unharmed rooster fly away. He gave me a sideways glance, I'm pretty sure, and then started looking for the next bird. The trainer told me that some dogs just simply don't do well with those sorts of sounds, no matter how much training they have. Just the way their dawg brains are wired, I suppose.

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