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Thread: 7.62x51 Nato

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    Quote Originally Posted by holescreek View Post
    I really like the Malaysian 7.62x51 for plinking ammo, SGAmmo occasionally runs specials that makes it affordable. It's not reloadable though unless you like messing with berdan primers.

    800 rounds of 308 is a lot of shoulder thumping!
    Me too!! Ever since I got my CETME running last fall, I've been trying to stockpile as much of the Malaysian as I can. The problem is, I can shoot it faster than I can buy it!! I do a fair amount of business with SG, as they are just down the road in Stillwater, so they leave Stillwater one day, and they are in Wichita the next...WINNING!!

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    I have ran Indian milsurp, commercial US brass, commercial Serbian brass and steel, and reloaded commercial and milsurp brass through my Century CETME with no problems or hang ups. However, I got better accuracy from my reloads, brass type not withstanding.
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