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I started out in a 68 Country Squire wagon when I got my permit in 76. Had a 65 Galaxie 500 all ready to go when I got my license 2 years later.

Joe, here's a Pinto story for you. Guy I worked with G'Ma passed on. This 77 had been parked up for 9yrs. when she moved to the home. Take it home for $100 he says. Not your usual Iowa rust bucket so I gave it a whirl. Drained the gas tank, cleaned the carb, and took it for a spin. Sure enough, 10 miles out the fuel pump diaphragm puked. Got that changed and drove it around for a week, but it wasn't for me, even though it had a stick tranny. Got offered $550 so down the road it went. .
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Great post Don and love the photo, you should have contacted Hollywood as they might need it for a movie prop
In my part .of the world Pinto, Vega, Maverick are not seen even at vintage car shows. A few AMC Gremlins and Hornets around but they are the X with the 360 or 390.

I drove a White 76 Bicentennial edition one time and disliked it.
The one I drove was only 1 year old at the time and even at that early date the interior trim and door parts seemed loose. Example window handles, glove box latch, seat release all seemed loose
. I know what it was meant for, Cheap wheels
But if you got in a 76 or 77 Datsun or Toyota, they were tight. I did not even like Japanese cars at the time , but had to admit they were a better product