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Thread: I Don't Collect French Rifles But....

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    I Don't Collect French Rifles But....

    I can't pass up a deal when I see one. For the price I paid, I pretty much got all the accessories for free. I think these are only going to go up in value. I picked this up at the Gettysburg show and, according to the vendor, he sold it 20 years ago and the guy brought it back to trade in so he was selling it again, albeit for a little more this time. As far as I can tell, it was refurbished in 1983, put in storage and hasn't been shot since. As long as I own it, it'll just sit like it did with the last guy, lol. Since I don't collect French firearms, feel free to tell me if I'm wrong about anything.

    Right side:

    Left side:

    All the accessories with some still in the bag:

    As far as I can tell, the spare magazines have never even been inserted.

    Left side of the receiver showing the serial number and the date of rework:

    Right side of receiver:

    Markings on bayonet and scabbard:

    Serial number on top cover matches receiver:

    Is this a February 1975 date on the bolt carrier?:

    There are no other markings that I can find.

    Like most reworks, the bolt does not match:

    But there is evidence of a previous number and/or markings:

    Also the barrel number does not match. But, since there is no prefix, I'm not sure this is actually a serial number that should/would match the receiver:

    Markings on back of grenade launcher sight:

    I assume this is a cast front sight base?:

    I have no idea what this blue dot sticker means on the butt plate:

    Bolt face:

    Bolt shows minimal wear to the finish:

    Same with the bolt carrier:

    Gas tube and chamber look as new and feed ramp shows no wear:

    Bore and crown lo0k good:

    Is the "59" on the bolt locking lug the year of manufacture?:

    Stamp on cleaning kit pouch:

    Stamp on small parts pouch is illegible unfortunately:

    Still sealed in the plastic cleaning kit :

    Also still sealed tools and spare parts:

    I couldn't get a picture of the night sight date but it's 1966.

    At first, I though this was mold on the sling but it doesn't smell musty and the white powder comes off very easily. I think this is actually talc or some other preservative and not mold:

    So that's it. This is my first and only French rifle. I do have a MAB PA-15 too but that's also NOS and I can't shoot it. I don't really collect French firearms but the PA-15 has always intrigued me because of the rotating barrel and I bought this MAS simply because of the condition. French firearms have always been something of an enigma to me. The seem to be very robust yet very crude at the same time. I like them but not enough to buy a bunch of them. I ended up paying $800 out the door for this one which, as I said, I think is the price for a rifle in this condition and the accessories were essentially free. Let me know what you think (did I pay too much or get a deal?) and please let me know anything I've missed with regards to markings. Thanks in advance!
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    That is a nice example. I almost bought one about 10 years ago that CAI had converted to .308, but those had the inevitable stigma of CAI reliability problems so I passed. Just as well, the original chambering is more desirable in my view. Now you need a MAS 36 to go with it Soon you'll have a French collection too!

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    Looks good. I have 49/56s and MAS 36s. Mine are in original caliber. One time had the CAI .308 conversion, but got ride of it due to reliability issues.
    Won't be an issue for you as you don't plan on using it, but they don't care for commercial ammo with soft primers. Heard they can go FA on it. I picked
    up a fair amount of French milsurp ammo. One of my MAS 49/56s had a light firing pin put in it, so likely OK on commercial stuff. Of course using it in
    the bolt action MAS 36s is not an issue.
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    I bought one in 7.5mm about 12 years ago. It had an '82 rebuild date IIRC and, like yours, looked to have been unissued since.
    Nice rifle, plenty accurate but loud and flung brass into the next county. Think I put one or two boxes of prvi factory rounds and maybe a couple hundred handloads through it with no slamfires. Not saying it can't or won't happen, just that it never happened to me.
    Killed a doe and a nice 8 point with it in 2013 then lost interest in it. Ended up selling it along with most of my surplus rifle collection earlier this year.

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    Looks like you've made a good move and acquired a fine rifle. I like those strange looking things and have heard they're great shooters.

    This wouldn't be complete without....You can't even see where it was dropped. Right? Very nice score. Wish it had come my way.

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    Very nice acquisition! Beautiful condition and a good price I think. Great job!

    I have always liked those and wouldn't mind getting one myself.
    14EH AIT Instructor-PATRIOT Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer

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    Very nice sample!!!


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    Combloc First I like the Belgian shelter half, what is the date?

    To the MAS
    I have a late 1990's 7.62 NATO conversion from the Century. When I bought it I did not know about the reliably issues stemming from their conversion
    $175 was a good price so I bought one. I have never had any issues with extraction, primers backing out or stretched cases/. It is fun to shoot and a nice handy size.
    My two son's enjoyed shooting it more than the CETME , FAL, FN 49 or M1
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    Thanks for your post Norton. I'm not sure it has a date. It might and I just missed it. I know that it was German made for the Belgians.

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    Forgotten Weapons video:

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