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Thread: Finnish m28

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    Finnish m28

    Hey all the set screw came out of the front sight of my finnish m28 mosin. It may have not been theres as ive had the rifle for 10 years and just shot it for the first time yesterday.

    Put 100 rds through it. Came home and while cleaning noticed i could move my front sight by hand. On the back end of the front sight behind the post it seems there is a threaded whole which i believe is a set screw whole.

    Any ideas on where i can purchase a new set screw as well as a method to afix the front sight band permanently as well as zero the sight.

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    Is it an m28 or m28/30? I'm a bit rusty on Finn Mosins but the M28 front sight was upgraded in 1930 to a screw adjustable version, like an M39 has. I believe the blade and windage screws may be interchangeable between the two models but I could be wrong.
    The sight base is soft soldered to the barrel so if yours is loose it'll need resoldering. The missing set screw you mention is, IIRC, to index the front sight base so it stays at TDC during the soldering process. Where to find one I have no idea. You could try
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    Ok thanks yeah the set screw. Is what im after for now i will check.

    The barrel is date 1932

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