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Thread: 2020 Election and Gun Control

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    It's not the Dems like we have running now we have to worry telling us who they really are they seem so insane they won't win in 2020.

    Even BHO ran as a "moderate Dem" who said he supported the 2nd (he was lying of course)...and thats the point to get elected they have to lie, they can't tell us who they really are. Remember when HRC was running against BHO as she claimed to be pro-gun too? And BHO joked about her calling her "Annie Oakley"?

    That said the ones to worry about will be the ones who learn from Dem's 2020 loses...the ones who go back to lying as to who they really are (saying they support the 2nd, want to control the border, not for the green deal, etc). That's the only way they win even in 2024. When they start lying saying they are moderate, thats when we need to worry. I feel really good about 2020, in fact I see us taking the house back on Trump's coat tails.

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    I honestly think the dems are pitching the Presidency in order to focus on retaining the house, trying to gain the senate, and flip as many red state legislatures and gubernatorial seats as possible this time around. I'm waitching the state game here closely and I've noticed as they start to trot candidates out they are cleaning up their social media and affiliations. In the long run I don't think it'll be very effective (here), because they are going to have to basically say that they in no way identify with the national party. But then again, this is a state where they have their annual banquet named after a sex offender.
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