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Thread: WTS: Firearms Reference Data

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    WTS: Firearms Reference Data

    As many of you know, I have been collecting certain data (serial numbers, importers, markings, etc.) on various manufacturers for 30+ years!!!
    This data contains firearms information only--- no personal information.
    Also, I have tried to place in similar categories--- with respect to the prices and manufacturers, the following are covered (but not exclusive):

    The data (@ 10MB for all) will be sold in packages, as some may just want certain information:

    Package 1 ($150.00)- (HK)

    HK G3 (Semi/Full)
    HK SR9/T/TC
    HK PSG1
    HK MSG90
    HK MP5
    HK SP89
    HK MP5K
    HK MK23/Mark 23
    - some USP
    - UITC/Wilcox Industries
    - Insight Technology
    - KAC suppressors
    HK P9/P9S
    HK P7K3
    HK P7 PSP/P7E/P7 PT8
    HK P7M7
    HK P7M8
    HK P7M10
    HK P7M13/SD
    P8/P8A1/P10/P10 Jubilee/P12
    HK 502
    HK 512
    HK 121 M1
    HK M820
    HK M877
    HK sears/registered trigger packs/registered trigger pack housings/registered receivers
    VAIME suppressors
    Hensoldt APP (Aiming Point Projector)

    @ 400 pages

    Package 2 ($200.00)(includes Package 1)- (HK + HK clones)

    CETME (MARS, and clones)
    FMP (G3S/XG3S, and clones)
    Springfield Armory (G3/SAR3/SAR3-8/SAR8/SAR8HBCS, and clones)

    @ 450 pages

    Package 3 ($100.00)- (FN/SIG/Beretta)

    FN (CAL/FNC/G-Series/50.00/50.41/50.42/50.61/50.63/50.64/L1A1/L1A2/FM LSR/T48/FSL LSR/SAR48-4800-4800G, and clones/FN 30-11/FN PS90)
    SIG (AMT- Dr. Wohler scope/Model U/SK46/AK53/AK55/PE57- Kern scope/530/540/541/542/543/550/550 Sniper/551/552/553/PE90/Stgw90/751)
    Beretta (AR70/SC70)

    @ 210 pages

    Package 4 ($150.00)- (AK)

    Valmet (M62/M71/M76/M78 and M78-83S/M82/M83 or M88)
    Actions Arms (Galil/Uzi)
    American Arms (Yugoslavia AK- M70/M77)
    Norinco (AK47 and 56S/84S- S1- S2- S3A- S5A/Type 81/EM series/86S/Type 87/Type 88- all importers)
    Clayco (Chinese AK)
    Kassnar/KBI (Hungarian AK- SA-85M)
    Mitchell Arms (Yugoslavia AK- M70/M72/M76/M77)
    Poly Tech
    Steyr (Egyptian AK- ARM, and clones)

    @ 500 pages

    Package 5 ($100.00)- (Various)

    Colt (R601/R602/Armalite AR-15/R6000/R6001/R6007/R6010/R6400/R6420/R6450/R6510/R6511/
    Armitage International (Scarab)
    Century (FAMAS)
    FAJAS (SSG82)
    Franchi (SPAS 12/SPAS 15)
    Gilbert/Interord (USAS 12)
    Interdynamic (KG-9)
    RPB (MAC 10/MAC 11)
    Sentinel (Striker 12)
    Steyr (AUG, and clones/SPP)
    Walther (WA 2000)

    @ 200 pages

    Package 6 ($300.00)- (all Packages)

    @ 1,352 pages

    Here are samples from the HK94/Valmet 82 sections:


    KB (91) 43-16278 (HK/Sterling)(test target 10-29-91)
    KB (91) 43-16291 (HK/Sterling)
    KB (91) 43-16293 (HK/Sterling)(“0 right of 1”)(NATO black finish)(test target 10-29-91)
    (red manual/clear plastic rifle bag/1 30-round magazine in red paper/sling)
    KB (91) 43-16308 (HK/Sterling)
    KB (91) 43-16326 (HK/Sterling)
    ( ) 16343 (no importer)(Norway)(test target 05-09-96)

    - left receiver (nothing)
    - right receiver (nothing)
    - top receiver (left- HK HK 94; right- Cal.9x19mm 16343 (no “43”-XXXXX) no date code)
    - bolt head (ik 071)

    a) 82 (HK/Arlington)

    - left receiver (Kal.9mmx19)
    - right receiver (Made in Germany/HK Inc./Arl. Va. 22 201)
    - top receiver (left- HK 94; right- 001/no“43”-XXX or “43”-XXXX IC)
    - only 1 import; only “SF” lower)

    b) 83 (HK/Arlington)

    - left receiver (Kal.9mmx19)
    - right receiver (Made in Germany/HK Inc./Arl. Va. 22 201^)(HK Chantilly Va.*)
    - top receiver (left- HK 94; right- XXX or XXXX (no“43”-XXX or “43”-XXXX) ID)

    c) 84-86 (HK/Chantilly)

    - left receiver (Kal.9mmx19)
    - right receiver (Made in W-Germany/HK Chantilly Va.)
    - top receiver (left- HK 94; right- XXXX or XXXXX (no“43”-XXXX or “43”-XXXXX) IE, IF or IG)

    d) 87-88 (HK/Chantilly)

    - left receiver (Cal.9mmx19)
    - right receiver (Made in W-Germany/HK Chantilly Va.)
    - top receiver (left- HK 94 IH, HK 94 II^^, or HK HK 94 II; right- 43-XXXXX IH or II)

    e) 89 (HK/Sterling)

    - left receiver (Cal.9mmx19)
    - right receiver (Made in W-Germany/HK Inc./Chantilly Va.**, then Sterling VA)
    - top receiver (left- HK HK 94; right- 43-XXXXX IK*)

    f) 90 (none imported)

    g) 89/91 (HK/Sterling)

    - left receiver (Cal.9mmx19)
    - right receiver (Made in W-Germany/HK Inc./Sterling VA)
    - top receiver (left- HK HK 94; right- 43-XXXXX KB)

    - blue-gray finish 1982 (1 sample)-1983/black finish 1984-1988/NATO black finish 1989/1990 none imported/NATO black finish 1991
    - raised mounting in middle of top receiver for scope mount
    - “SF” lower 1982 (1 sample); “0-1” lowers (“0” to the left of the “1”/1983- mid- 1987; “0” to the right of the “1”/mid-late 1987-1989 and 1991)

    Valmet M82


    - left receiver/under stock (left- serial number; right- Valmet/Made in Finland)
    - right receiver/under stock (nothing)
    - rear sight (front- M82/Cal.5,56mm(.223); rear- VALMET/Made in Finland/serial number)

    - 40-round steel magazines .223 (MCP- Max Capacity Products or LIQ/MCP Liquidators)

    a) “MCP” (left magazine body/upper right) or “LIQ” (left magazine body/upper right) in plastic wrap in white box (parkerized finish)

    - manufactured 1978-1981 (experimental prototypes with wooden stocks)/1982-1986
    - @ 2,000 manufactured/@ 1,000 U.S. importation?
    - importer (ODIN International, Ltd.)

    Data will be transmitted, via email with attachment, with embedded codes and passwords for each Purchaser.
    Payment by cash or USPMO.


    1. PM me (no posts) with the package wanted and email address--- no open forum for any addresses
    2. I will email you with the payee name/address
    3. Upon receipt of payment, I will immediately email the package requested (embedded codes and passwords, unique for each purchaser).


    As Purchaser, and except for my personal use only, I agree to not to copy, disseminate, post, sell, transfer, etc., in any form, including but not limited to paper or electronically, any information that I receive from this purchase. If I violate any of these terms in any manner, I agree to personal and subject matter jurisdiction in the State of Alabama, and to be bound by the laws of the State of Alabama, as well as be responsible for Seller's attorney fees and expenses. I understand that the information being provided may not be 100% accurate, and stipulate that the Seller has exercised due diligence, and used his best efforts, in the acquisition and recording this information.

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    I can customize packages also--- just let me know what you need!!!
    The first 10 purchasers will receive one annual update (no charge) of the package purchased, via email with attachment.


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    This information can be valuable, and may provide information, for those with firearms questions, including but not limited to:

    1. Is the firearm correctly marked, and have the correct parts?
    2. What box and accessories did the firearm come with?
    3. What years was this firearm imported?
    4. How many of this firearm were imported, or for a particular year?
    5. What is the importer full legal name, contact information, incorporation/dissolution?


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    Currently, all data is 1,370 pages!!!


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    The first 10 purchasers will receive 1 annual update (no charge) of all data, regardless of the package purchased!!!
    PM me for orders.


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    One week only--- ALL DATA is $200.00--- 1,470 pages!!!


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    1,481 pages!!!


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