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Thread: C308 inner reciever wear

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    After inspecting the rod end its doesnt look to fubbed up except for the exccesive wear on the bottom. I will try using a torch to heat the rod in my vice and slowly/gently attempt to straighten the rod. I assume its been welded on at a bad angle.

    Im trying to change the angle where it meets the weld at the buffer near the stock?

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    Just to be sure before you do anything, remove the FCG and the bolt carrier completely then put the stock onto the receiver. Try looking through the slot in the cocking tube to see where that part is sitting in the tube, it should be centered. If it's leaning it should be very evident and needs to be adjusted. If it's not, we need to explore some more.

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    Yes very evident leaning against the tube housing a little low and against the right wall of cocking tube. Pictures are in the link.

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